Fulcrum Services

Robotic Inspections – Air + Land + Sea


Fulcrum services the water, energy, industrial residential marine, fisheries sectors, emergency services and more. Rated to depths exceeding 1000 feet, carrying high resolution colour cameras, HD recording systems, manipulator/grabber arms, sampling and measurement devices. Our submersible ROV’s are perfect for:

  • • Inspecting assets
  • • Penetrating small diameter pipelines
  • • Tank, dam and reservoir inspections
  • • Bridge and pylon inspections
  • • Confined spaces to greater depths and distances
  • • Subsea construction support
  • • Subsea Cable and Pip Location
  • • Sub-bottom profiling
  • • Salvage operations
  • • Search and Recovery
  • • Structural Integrity Inspections
  • • Water quality sampling
  • • Deep Sea Investigation
  • • Marine Habitat Surveys
  • • Environment Monitoring
  • • CCTV Pipeline surveys

Terrestrial Crawlers

We conduct CCTV pipeline, dam, tank and confined space surveys using a range of sophisticated inspection crawlers. We are able to penetrate and record inside any pipeline, cableway, tunnels, wet or dry, for whatever reason Fulcrum can provide the solution with a range of CCTV crawler vehicles available for use at short notice.

Our sealed and submersible ROV’s withstand submersion to a maximum depth of 100m and can travel up to two kilometers and operate between six to eight hours continuously.

Aerial Drones

Fulcrum carries fully commercial operating insurance and all necessary CASA approvals for aerial work. We utilise the very latest in UAV technology to provide Commercial and Industrial Aeria

  • • Asset Inspections
  • • Bridge and structural inspection
  • • Wind turbine inspection
  • • Thermal inspections of energy infrastructure
  • • Search and rescue
  • • Enforcement
  • • Tank inspection
  • • Rail infrastructure inspection
  • • PIPE construction project reporting
  • • Asset inspection including mobile telecommunications infrastructure
  • • Photography, filming and promotional videos
  • • Aerial video clips
  • • 360 degrees panoramic views, high resolution imaging commercial properties
  • • Aerial stills
  • • Mapping
  • • 3D representation of terrains and surfaces, contour models, measurements, land development projects, volumetric service
  • • 3D modelling
  • • Volume calculation, construction and civil measurements, stock volume calculation, aerial survey

  • Professional business consultancy and contracting


    Fulcrum consulting also provides professional services including labour hire. Our business thrives on our ability to manage complex issues in difficult environments whilst delivering outcomes for our clients. We simplify the complexity of business and make distinct linkages between strategy, implementation and delivery. We can locate with customers and teams on site ensuring that our clients’ people are supported and empowered to deliver. Our experience covers many disciplines we are practical people focusing on the “doing” and not just “consulting” with no outcome.


    WHS, strategy, asset management and advice, audits and compliance, governance, program and project delivery, estimation, works and service delivery, dispute management, claim development and management, change management, business “reviews” including restructuring and right sizing, efficiency and productivity reviews, contract management and disputes.

    • • Business Development and Modelling
    • • Change Management and Business “Reviews”
    • • Restructuring, Right Sizing Activities
    • • Human Resources and training delivery
    • • Management Consultancy
    • • General Business Consultancy
    • • Feasibility and Strategic Studies
    • • Efficiency and Productivity Reviews (such as resource, asset and fleet reviews)
    • • Preparing Business Cases and Board Papers
    • • Tender Preparation, Evaluation and Contract Negotiation
    • • Contract Preparation, Management
    • • Project Management, Contract Superintendent and Works Inspection
    • • Claim Development and Management (including SOPA claims)
    • • Engineering Planning, Design and Economic Studies
    • • Asset Management and advice
    • • Safety and Environmental Consultancy and Auditing
    • • Risk and Compliance Management
    • • Commercial negotiations, Utility Connection Agreements
    • • Energy Tariff Negotiations
    • • Emergency and Business Continuity Planning
    • • IT Implementation, Vendor Management, Database Development and Management

    Fulcrum provides “client side” facility management services across the light industrial commercial and other sectors for more information on this service please contact us.

    Fulcrum Capability Statement